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eeting & Convention

Suan Bua Hotel & Resort offers a full selection of meeting and function rooms to accommodate up to 400 people. A comprehensive range of equipment as well as trained personnel, however, it is the outdoor facilities that make the resort especially fresh for organizational functions such as Kad-Mua theme, Khan Toke Dinner. Open-air sales, function areas and even a stage are secreted away in various parts of the property. These enclaves, steeped in nature, promise to invigorate the senses and inspire imagination. Team building activities can be arranged on the property or in nearby attractions such as the hill tribe villages.

Room Dimension(m) u-Shape Class-room Theatre Banquet
Patumtip 12.0x24.0x6 100 250 400 300
Patumrat 14.4X21.6X6.0 80 200 350 250
Patumkarn 12.0X22.5X2.5 50 120 200 150
Sapatum 10.0X12.0X2.6 40 70 100 80
Patumwan 6.0X13.5X2.9 35 60 80 70
Sripatum 6.0X12.0X3.0 35 60 80 70
Patumkaew 6.0X8.0X3.0 25 40 60 50

Entertainment (Theme Party)