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catering by suan bua

Choose from a variety of dinner events from our catering services:

Gala dinner. From international to local Lanna cuisines, quick lunches to spectacular dinners, the chefs and the serving staff of Rabieng Bua Restaurant will make sure that your every meal is satisfying.

"Khan Toke". Try a complete Northern meal served on its own tabouret in the airy setting amid greenery to stimulate relaxation for you and your guests.

"Kad Mou". A special market-theme event filled with stalls of local Northern delicacies in an open-air setting. You can sample all the local offerings without ever having to leave our hotel.

We also offer Afternoon Tea to all our guests with one-day in advance booking See here

For further inquiries: 

call us at: +66(0)85-486-9345

or email us at:


kad muo กาดหมั้ว

The traditional Northern Thai style market, the area is peppered with various local food carts and stations for our guests to enjoy the traditional food of the Northern people. 

Khan Toke

khan toke  ขันโตก

We offer guests a chance to experience the unique Northern Thai cuisine 'Khan Toke', the traditional Lanna cuisine. Guests can sit on the ground and served an arrangement of Northern Thai food, including chicken curry, fried chicken, sticky rice, and vegetables with spicy chilli dips.

Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea

Enjoy our afternoon tea service in the midst of beautiful scenery surrounding Suan Bua Resort & Hotel. Our desserts and scones are provided by the best bakeries in Chiang Mai. Booking one day in advance is required for your ultimate enjoyment of our Afternoon Tea service.

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